Original Gravity: 1.094
Color: Black
Bitterness: 34 IBU
Alcohol Content: By volume - 11.0%


Pumpkinator is a big, black, full of spice, full of flavor beer. Originally released in 2009 as Divine Reserve No. 9, it is an imperial pumpkin stout and our answer to how a pumpkin beer ought to taste. This year’s version comes in at 10% ABV. It is brewed with a combination of pale two row, caramel and black malts, Cascade and Liberty hops for a background hop flavor, pumpkin for a rich mouthfeel, molasses, brown sugar, spices and dry-spiced to make it feel like you just walked into your mom’s kitchen while she was cooking 37 pumpkin pies. It is the most expensive beer we have brewed.

A single batch of Pumpkinator will be released around every October 15. It is available in 22 oz. bottles and on draft.

This beer is best enjoyed at 50°F or warmer to bring out the spices and round body. Personally we have found it to be the perfect end to a Thanksgiving meal from a flavor standpoint. Some have said it makes relatives more enjoyable too.


  • Silver Medal, World Beer Cup, Field Beer or Pumpkin Beer, 2012


Malted Barley:
Pale two row, caramel and black malts

Cascades and Liberty

Pumpkin, Molasses, Brown Sugar, Spices

History and Trivia:

Debuted October 2011.

In the time it took to make the 154 bbls of Pumpkinator wort in our brewhouse, we could have made 1275 bbls of Elissa wort.

The amount of malt it took to make 154 bbls of Pumpkinator wort would have made 1514 bbl of Lawnmower wort.

During the time in the fermenter it took to age the 154 bbls of Pumpkinator, we could have made 1027 bbls of Amber Ale.

With the amount of pumpkin used to make Pumpkinator, we could have baked 437 pumpkin pies.