Original Gravity: 1.045 (11.4° Plato)
Color: Blond
Bitterness: 16 IBU
Alcohol Content: By volume - 4.9%


Weedwacker is essentially a Bavarian hefeweizen. Except it isn’t. Weedwacker is exactly the same beer as Fancy Lawnmower Beer but we ferment it with Bavarian hefeweizen yeast instead of kölsch yeast. It is light and refreshing but has a spicy clove note and some banana esters that come from the different yeast. While it is a close relation to Lawnmower, it tastes completely different. Also, Weedwacker is our only unfiltered year-round beer. Expect to see some yeast at the bottom of the bottle.


  • Gold Medal, GABF, German-Style Wheat Ale, 2015
  • Bronze Medal, GABF, German-Style Wheat Ale, 2014
  • Bronze Medal, GABF, German-Style Wheat Ale, 2013


Malted Barley:
This beer is brewed with just pale malted barley and a dash of malted wheat. We import the world's best pils and wheat malts to create the light yet rich malt body.

We use a single hop variety in this beer: Hallertauer Hersbrucker. Four separate additions to the brew kettle create the delicate flavor and aroma of this classic hop.

History and Trivia:

Debuted June 2011.

Several years ago at the oldery, we had some extra Lawnmower wort that wouldn’t fit into a fermenter, and we had some Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast on hand, so we combined them in one of our small yeast bright tanks just for fun. We didn’t release it, but we did drink a lot of it ourselves. That led us to the Moveable Yeast concept and Weedwacker was the first release in this series.