10 carriers: Pint glass
10 carriers: Tour admission
50 carriers: T-shirt (one sided, not the seasonal)
100 carriers: Hat
100 carriers: Baseball t-shirt
100 carriers: Tin sign
110 carriers: Ladies t-shirt
160 carriers: Saint Arnold tap handle
200 carriers: Work shirt
220 carriers: Tie-Dye T-shirt
350 carriers: Santo Bowling Shirt
675 carriers: Bike jersey
200,000 carriers: Tie-dyed 1957 Bentley
   (Good luck! We'll raise that number if    anyone gets close.)

Double Point Tuesdays

You can now bring your carriers in during lunch or our public tour on Tuesdays and you'll get double the points! Double the points, double the fun.

Have you ever noticed a large stack of Saint Arnold six-pack, four-pack and twelve-pack carriers, folded up, gathering dust in the corner of your kitchen? Have you wondered what to do with them? If you have imaginative ideas (such as stapling them to a t-shirt and seeing if others will follow creating a new fashion trend), let us know. But we have a great idea: RECYCLE THEM.

Bring us your six-pack, four-pack and twelve-pack carriers and we will exchange them for cool Saint Arnold stuff. Bring us 10 and get a pint glass. Bring us 220 and get a tie-dye.

The caveat: the carriers must be in good shape. If you were using it to reprimand your dog after discovering that he wasn't yet completely housetrained, or using it to remove his, uh, "mistake", please don't return it.

What's in it for us? The carriers are expensive and it makes more sense for us to reuse them once than to put them directly into the landfill. We buy several hundred thousand of them a year, so saving some would be nice.

When we moved into our new location, we stopped and thought about how much waste we were generating. So in an effort to lessen our environmental impact, we are now looking at ways of recycling more than just six-pack, four-pack and twelve-pack carriers. Soon, we will also be recycling our brewery waste, such as glass, plastic, cardboard and even our grain bags. We'll update this page as we get our program underway.