Spring Bock Pub Crawl 2014

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Cheers from Saint Arnold

There's Only One 'S' in Santo

Do you have brewery tours?

Please visit us if you are in Houston. We have a public open house every weekday starting at 2:00 PM (tour starts at 3:30) and every Saturday starting at 11:00 AM (tours at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00). It's $10/person and open to the public. (read more)

Where are you located?

We are located in Houston, TX very close to downtown! Click here for directions and a printable map.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for smart and intelligent beer lovers to do our bidding. To find out when and what we are hiring for, go to our Career Opportunities page and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed as well.

How can I be a Saint Arnold Volunteer?

We require that all of our volunteers are TABC certified. We will have TABC classes a couple of times per year, or you can take the course many places on line: http://www.learn2serve.com/ Once you are certified, email your certificate and information to Deb at deb_nevinger@saintarnold.com, so she can get you set up in our volunteer system.

How can I find out about Saint Arnold pub crawls and other events?

Go to our home page and sign up for our Saint Arnold Newsletter!

Will Saint Arnold Brewing Co. ever make "light" beer or non-alcoholic beer?

Um. No.

Why are Saint Arnold beers sold only in Texas?

Saint Arnold is available in Texas and only in Texas and it will always be that way. And in Louisiana too. And Florida!

What is the best way to store Saint Arnold beer?

Beer is best kept cold! We do not pasteurize our beer or add preservatives to our beer, so keep it cold to keep it fresh and good (beer stored between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit).

I cannot get Saint Arnold in my city, will you ship it to me?

Sorry, partner. We are legally not allowed to ship beer to the public. You'll have to travel to the great state of Texas or the great state of Louisiana or the great state of Florida to snag some Saint Arnold goodness. We're in fine stores from El Paso to New Orleans to Tampa!

Can I buy beer directly from the brewery?

We can sell you Saint Arnold beer here at the brewery for your enjoyment at the brewery. We cannot sell you beer to go however. But, there are grocery stores and liquor stores across the whole state who proudly sell Saint Arnold beers and root beer!

Where can I get your beer in kegs?

Kegs can be purchased through liquor stores near you (in Texas, Louisiana and Florida) who already deal in keg sales. You’ll potentially need to give them time to order our kegs, as not all places will have our kegs on hand. Good places to try in Houston: Spec’s, Tony K’s, & Beverage Barn.

Can children/teenagers visit the brewery?

Absolutely! We have some yummy Root Beer for them to try! There is a pound of sugar per gallon of our root beer, so the kiddies love that stuff. All persons under the age of 21 visiting the brewery must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Where can I buy your root beer?

It is sometimes elusive like the cunning white dolphin. For a list of retailers and more root beer info, click here.

Do you have an online store where I can purchase merchandise?

Can I get a high resolution logo for promotional materials?

Sure thing. Please email Jeremy at jeremy_johnson@saintarnold.com for logo/photo requests.

Can I rent the brewery/tasting area for a private event or party?

Sure you can! We are quite a popular venue for a variety of events: birthdays, fundraisers, corporate events, funerals, etc. See our rental information here.

Where can I find Divine Reserve?

Since we brew such small batches, and the releases are closely watched by our loyal fans, the Divine Reserve sells out quickly! Sign up for the Saint Arnold Newsletter to be alerted to future releases. Read more on our past Divine Reserves.

Where can I buy your beer in 6packs and cases?

You can find us on the beer isle in most of your normal neighborhood grocery stores and liquor stores. If you can’t find us, ask your grocer to re-stock us!

I run a bar/restaurant and would like to carry Saint Arnold? How can I contact you?

That's great! Please feel free to email us at salesinquiries@saintarnold.com, and we'll get you in touch with the Saint Arnold rep in your area.