Sometimes even great things don’t last forever.

A Requiem for Santo

Sometimes even great things don’t last forever. To all of you who love Santo, who have faithfully purchased this black Kölsch, worn shirts emblazoned with the logo, decorated your body permanently with the artwork, we have some sad news. The final batch of Santo is on the shelves. After that, it will be nothing but a memory. Except for those of you with the body art.

Santo began with artwork created by Carlos Hernandez. It was supposed to be a rebranding of our Brown Ale but the artwork didn’t fit that brand. So we invented a style: black Kölsch. Essentially a dark version of Fancy Lawnmower Beer. It rolled out in 2011 and quickly became one of our top brands. It was our leading brand in San Antonio and New Orleans. But sometimes as quickly as something becomes popular, it can begin to fade. Beer drinkers still enjoyed Santo but there was always another style that you wanted more.

We receive angry emails when we discontinue a beer. We understand. The reality though is that we don’t discontinue beers, the market does. Once sales drop below a level, stores would rather carry one of our other beers and so it gets replaced. Eventually a single batch is more than the market can absorb. At that point, it goes away.

I am emblematic of the cycle of Santo. It used to occupy a large portion of my consumption. While I still love the beer, there is always another beer I reach for first today. I will be changing that for the next couple of weeks as I celebrate the life of this delicious beer.

And please remember, even after it is gone, there’s only one “S” in Santo.


Brock Wagner

Show Your Santo Love

As you enjoy your last cans of Santo, send us your memories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #SaintArnoldSanto. Show us your tattoos. Share your “last meal” with Santo. Tell us what idiots we are for discontinuing it (then read the blog post below).

We hope to hear from all of you Santo drinkers out there as you enjoy your final dark yet refreshing sips.

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