Our original Amber Ale is now in 12 oz cans and our Variety Pack.

Amber Ale Now in Cans

At 24 years old, Amber Ale is all grown up and looking quite sharp these days. Check out the new digs. Yes, Amber Ale is now in 12 oz cans.

Right now, you can find Amber Ale cans as a new addition to our Variety Pack, alongside Fancy Lawnmower, 5 O’Clock Pils, and Art Car IPA. They’ll soon be showing up by themselves in six packs.

Amber Ale Still in Bottles Too

One of our Austin reps, Frank, has been with Saint Arnold almost as long as Amber Ale has, and he loves it in bottles. He wouldn’t be happy with us if we took away bottles. And we like Frank. We want Frank to be happy. So don’t worry, Frank. You can still enjoy Amber Ale in bottles too.