An IPA a Day

In the craft beer world, variety is paramount. Our customers and fans love trying new beer styles and different takes on traditional styles. Over the course of the recent American craft beer explosion, one style in particular has received countless iterations – the India Pale Ale (IPA). At Saint Arnold, we’ve responded to this uptick in IPA demand by releasing two new year-round IPAs in 2020, our Juicy IPA and Low Dose Session IPA, but our first IPA release dates back to March 2004 with Elissa IPA. And over the last five years, Art Car IPA has become our top volume brand. Between the popularity of IPA and the demand for variety, it only made sense to release a variety pack that exclusively contained IPA.

The lightest of the bunch is our Low Dose Session IPA. We wrote a previous post about the nitty gritty of developing this beer, but what it comes down to is IPA drinkers enjoy styles that range from full-bodied and high-alcohol to light and sessionable. Low Dose clocks in at 4.4% ABV and has the added benefit of only containing 118 calories. This beer showcases pineapple and melon flavors through the use of a new hop varietal, Bru-1.

Elissa IPA is the teenage statesman of the group and has a rich, malty body representative of traditional English-style IPAs. Elissa IPA shows off a great balance of malt and hops and acts as a tribute to a classic American hop varietal – Cascade. Elissa IPA was a single-hop IPA before single-hop IPAs were a trend, as it utilizes 100% Cascade hops to achieve its 52 IBU mark. The English-style aspect comes into play when you consider the 100% British malt bill – including the revered Maris Otter varietal – which creates a rich malt structure. Overall, if you enjoy an IPA with a malty backbone and delightful grapefruit bitterness, Elissa is the ship for you.

Hopheads have most recently shifted toward enjoying IPAs that have a huge aroma and hop flavor, but with vastly reduced bitterness. To answer this call, we brewed and released Juicy IPA. These IPAs oftentimes showcase the tropical, fruity flavors that hops can provide. For Juicy IPA, we loaded up on El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic hops to create an IPA bursting with hop flavor and aroma. Juicy IPA comes in at 44 IBU, less bitter than Elissa IPA, and with a vastly different mouthfeel, hop aroma, and flavor than Elissa IPA as well. And yet, they are both IPAs. And both delicious beers.

Now to the darling of our IPA Pack: Art Car IPA. Five years after its release, it’s hard for us to imagine Saint Arnold without Art Car IPA. The beauty of Art Car IPA is the fine line it walks between a West Coast IPA, which typically present piney and grapefruit bitterness, and an East Coast IPA, that highlight the softer, fruity and juicy side of hops. Art Car IPA has it all – from mango and peach notes to pleasant blood orange bitterness, you get a complex and flavor-packed IPA from the use of five hop varietals – and only at 55 IBU. Art Car IPA really is an IPA for everyone.

We’re excited about the evolution of IPA while still appreciating looking back and enjoying classic examples. IPA is a flagship of American craft brewing ingenuity and we love brewing, drinking, and sharing them with our customers. There’s only one thing left to do – snag an IPA Pack and compare and contrast the wide variety of IPAs included.

Published October 29, 2020