The newest beer in our barrel aged series is available now.

Bishop’s Barrel No. 22

Bishop’s Barrel No. 22 began as a Saint Arnold employee favorite – a Christmas gift from our Wood Cellar & Specialty Brewer Colin in 2017. Colin’s a nice dude like that. This year, we’re spreading the holiday cheer by sharing it with you. BB22 is a Texas Honey Saison Aged in Chardonnay Barrels with Peaches, Apricots, and Brettanomyces.

The base beer of Bishop’s Barrel No. 22 actually dates back to 2016 – it was first introduced as Icon Gold – Texas Honey Saison. To that beer, we’ve added peaches, apricots, and brett. From there, it aged for a year in three different types of chardonnay barrels, including some that housed Bishop’s Barrel No. 19. The beer is a tart, yet balanced Saison with up front notes of baked bread, stone fruit, oak, white wine, and funk. It’s one of the most wine-like beers we’ve ever brewed.

Bishop’s Barrel No. 22 is available now. A limited amount of bottles can be found in grocery and liquor stores. It is also on tap at select bars and restaurants around town. While it is out now, some places will choose to save their stash to debut later at a special event.