The popular Beer Garden Brew is graduating to our year round lineup.

Citrodos IPA

With the opening of our Beer Garden & Restaurant, we welcomed the opportunity to brew and serve small batches of beer without releasing them widely into the market. These Beer Garden Brews offer a chance for our brewers to get their favorite recipes to you.

Citrodos IPA – a creation of our brewer Derrick Frost – is the first of these beers to prove so popular it demanded a wide release. Yes, Citrodos IPA is now available in stores and on tap as the newest addition to our year round lineup.

At 6.1% ABV and 32 IBU, Citrodos IPA is an American IPA with lower ABV and IBU than typical of the style. It has a glowing golden hue with off-white head that lingers through the glass. The aroma has pronounced citrus and tropical fruit notes. The hop flavor from the Citra and Centennial hops begins with orange and grapefruit character, with a honeydew finish balanced by a graham cracker malt sweetness. It finishes clean and dry.

Why the name Citrodos IPA? Why not? We like creating. Beer. Food. Why not words? We feel it perfectly captures the essence of this Citra hopped goodness.