Our new limited seasonal release is a festive take on Christmas Ale.

Cut with Bread Pudding

In Houston, our Christmas Ale is a holiday tradition. This year, we decided to introduce a festive take on our seasonal beer with a new limited release: Cut with Bread Pudding.

Cut with Bread Pudding is our Christmas Ale with Vanilla and Cinnamon. Used as the base beer, Christmas Ale gives this special release a hearty, malty backbone. Cinnamon added during the boil, followed by an addition of vanilla bean to the fermenter, creates a magical blend of spices, caramel and toffee aroma. Cut with Bread Pudding has the flavor of caramel upfront, followed by a toasted malt character and a holiday spice finish reminiscent of bread pudding.

Why do we call it Cut with Bread Pudding? Well, you see, sometimes people on the Internet say things. Ridiculous things. Sometimes, you just might need a beer to cope with these things. We recommend enjoying Cut with Bread Pudding with friends and family, far away from an Internet forum.

Beginning Monday, December 4, Cut with Bread Pudding will be available in 22 oz bottles at grocery and liquor stores, as well as on draft at select bars and restaurants.

Cut with Bread Pudding is taking the place of Sailing Santa this year, but worry not! You can always make your own custom blend of Sailing Santa by mixing our Christmas Ale and Elissa IPA.