Meet us out to drink Art Car IPA and paint an Art Car. Literally.

DIY Art Car Paint Nights

You’ve seen our handpainted Art Cars driving around town. You’ve seen them driving in the Art Car Parade. And we know at some point, you’ve enjoyed a couple of Art Car IPAs and thought, “I could paint that.” Now’s your chance.

Here’s the deal. We bought a car – we need you to make it an Art Car. This white car will be traveling Texas as a blank canvas. When it shows up to a bar, you get to paint it. So you’ll be drinking Art Car IPA and painting an Art Car. Literally. Here’s where you can find our car in Houston:

Thistle Draftshop | Saturday, August 24 | 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Featuring Art Car IPA artist GONZO247.

Did we mention this is temporary paint? We love you and all, but we don’t trust you quite that much.