Know someone who has earned a Lawnmower? Let us know!

Earn Your Lawnmower

A job well done is rewarding. It can be painting a room in your house. Putting plants in your garden. Even mowing the lawn. It can be checking off your Honey Do list. Some tasks you do for others. You may have pitched in and helped friends and family after Harvey. Or perhaps friends and family helped you. Many of you volunteer at organizations in our community.

At Saint Arnold, we like to reward ourselves with a beer at the end of a shift. When you work hard, a refreshing beer is your reward for a job well done. Put in your work; Earn Your Lawnmower.

If you have a beer lover in your life who has earned a Lawnmower, let us know! Send us an email at, and tell us why your friend or family member has earned a Lawnmower. Throughout the summer, we’ll be rewarding hard working folks with Lawnmower and featuring their stories on our socials media, and one lucky winner will receive a pair of Astros tickets!

Earn Your Lawnmower!