The new city bike lanes along Lyons Ave. are for bikes. Parking in them is not permitted.

Improvements & Bike Lanes on Lyons Ave.

No Parking in the Bike Lanes

As you may have noticed, there has been some road construction happening near us on Lyons Ave. Most obvious is the Elysian Viaduct bridge reconstruction, but also new to the area are improved bike lanes. A new Houston BCycle bike share station will soon be added too.

City of Houston, along with Harris County Precinct 1, have been working to improve safe biking throughout the city. This means adding on-street bike lanes that feel safe for people of all ages and abilities. We’re talking about bike lanes where you’d feel comfortable with your children riding in them. Fortunately, we’ve got one such bike lane running along both sides of Lyons Avenue.

As a part of a broader bikeway network, the Lyons Avenue bikeway maintains six feet in width on both sides of the street and uses green paint to help better identify certain intersections. Eventually, it will connect to future protected bike lanes on Hardy and Elysian streets, to downtown via Hardy/McKee street and across US 59 to Fifth Ward. Construction on those corridors is estimated to start in the next few weeks.

We love to encourage a welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers, and the community, but we need your help. For people on bikes, adding safe and convenient routes to get to their destination is essential. When those bikeways aren’t available, either because they don’t yet exist or they are obstructed by objects (cough cough cars parked in the bike lane cough cough), safety is jeopardized. So please obey the “No Parking” signs and don’t park in the bike lane.  Not just because it’s illegal and you’ll get a ticket, but also because it makes the street safer everyone. We have several parking lots around our campus and always encourage ride sharing.