Lawnmower and Kölsch

Since August 2000, we’ve been producing Lawnmower, our take on the classic German-style Kölsch. Many Texans laud Lawnmower’s role in their craft beer journey as their “gateway beer.” The gateway beer is an eye-opening experience we’ve all had – the realization that beer can be as complex and enjoyable as any beverage out there. While we fondly embrace Lawnmower’s ability to open hearts and minds, it’s also a beer that our customers and employees haven’t put down, and it’s our third best selling beer (only behind Art Car IPA and our Seasonal lineup). While it has seen some packaging facelifts over time, Lawnmower remains an essential and favorite part of our lineup. It has also tallied four medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

So, what makes a Kölsch a Kölsch? Why do people keep coming back to Lawnmower over and over again?

For one, it’s time tested. Kölsch has been around since A.D. 874 and originates from Köln (Cologne), Germany. We think that longevity speaks for itself. Secondly, it’s good for almost any occasion and particularly refreshing when doing things in the outdoors that Texans (and Louisianans) love to do – fish, golf, BBQ, play backyard games, post-ride, hike or run. It’s a sociable and refreshing style made for everyone.

The Kölsch style and Lawnmower also marry the appeal of ale and lager. It boasts slight fruitiness from the Kölsch yeast, but also a clean finish. It has great floral aroma and bitterness from a noble hop varietal, but never crosses over into being overbearing. Its moderate alcohol content (4.9% for Lawnmower) makes it an ideal partner for drinking multiple servings under the Texas sun.

Kölsch also represents an appellation like Bordeaux or Champagne within the European Union. As producers of the style in the United States, we must denote that it is a “German-style Kölsch.” Only a set number of producers from Cologne are capable of labeling their beer as an official Kölsch without any such denomination. Think Champagne versus sparkling wine.

In summary, Kölsch defines what a classic beer can be – eye-opening, storied, and enjoyable time after time. As a brewery, we’re proud to add another page to this great beer style’s book.

Published July 8, 2020