Show off your outdoor space! #LawnPageant2020

Lawnmower Lawn Pageant

Right now, community is more important than ever – and more difficult to achieve safely and responsibly. While we’d love to be promoting a Lawnmower Block Party for you and your neighbors, that’s just not in the cards.

In lieu of that, we want to help promote neighborhood pride – and your pride in your family’s own space – in other ways. And hey, you can still enjoy a Lawnmower!

The weather lately has been spectacular. You’ve got more time at home than ever before. We imagine many of you are taking the opportunity to enjoy – or perhaps rediscover – your own yard, with a Lawnmower in hand.

If you’ve been busy making fancy improvements to the outdoor spaces at your home – or maybe you’re just enjoying your already outstanding lawn – we want to see it! Use the hashtag #LawnPageant2020 to show us your lawn, and you’ll have a chance to win a case of Lawnmower to refresh yourself while enjoying your improvements!

Who knows, maybe we’ll throw in a few pink flamingos for your lawn as well…