We’re celebrating all day with a Special Irish Breakfast and our annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.

St. Patrick’s Day at Saint Arnold

Saturday, March 17
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Get Tickets to Special Irish Breakfast

Admission to St. Patrick’s Day Party is FREE!

We’re going all out this year for our annual celebration of our two favorite saints. We’ll start the day with a Special Irish Breakfast in our Investors Pub and continue with an all day party featuring live music, beer games, special stout beers, commemorative glassware, food trucks and our annual Donegal Beard Growing Competition.

Special Irish Breakfast in Investors Pub
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We’ll begin with our first ever Special Irish Breakfast. Executive Chef Ryan Savoie and his team will be preparing a traditional Irish breakfast menu, so you can start your day of celebration the right way. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Eggs | Breakfast Sausage | Black Pudding | White Pudding
Baked Beans | Potatoes | Mushroom and Tomato
Beer Bread | Jam | Butter

Reservations are $40 per person and include the above buffet menu, beer in the Investors Pub until 12:00 PM, and a commemorative St. Patrick’s Day glass. Seats are limited.

Get Tickets to Special Irish Breakfast

St. Patrick’s Day Party at Saint Arnold
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The Irish festivities will continue throughout the day with our annual St. Patrick’s Day Party. Admission is free, free, free! We’ll have a stage in our front parking lot featuring live music from Murder the Stout, The Real McCoys, Tomfooligans, and Dead Rabbits.

Throughout the day, we’ll be releasing special stout beers. Food will be available from food trucks Happy Endings, Sticky’s Chicken, and Oh My Gogi. Our regular beer lineup and commemorative St. Patrick’s Day glassware will also be available.

In addition, we’ll be hosting the return of the World Elevated Beer Pouring Championship. That means you and a friend could pour beer from a scissor lift into a bucket on the other person’s head. Email josh_nelson@saintarnold.com to enter the competition.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Saint Arnold St. Patrick’s Day Party without our Donegal Beard Growing Competition. Dozens of brave beard growers are busy sprouting facial hair right this very moment, and on St. Patrick’s Day, they will compete for the crown. This year, the winning beard will earn its owner a membership to the Saint Arnold Society.

Admission to our St. Patrick’s Day Party is FREE!