We shipped our first keg of Amber Ale on June 9, 1994. We held our first Saturday tour two days later. Ten people attended. We were young and optimistic and excited to spread the word about craft beer in Houston.

Selling craft beer was challenging in Texas in the 90's. Our growth was painfully slow. Other craft breweries that opened around the same time closed. We achieved our title of "Texas' Oldest Craft Brewery" not by being first (we weren't) but by working hard, refusing to give up and focusing on the quality of our beer. It was a tough slog.

In the mid 2000's, something happened. We're not sure what it was although we speculate about it over beers. Our tours which had been attracting 50 people every Saturday started growing to 200 people. Then 500 people. In the heat of summer. With no air conditioning. And two toilets. We kept adding fermenters, but as soon as they were installed we realized we needed more. Eventually it was clear that we needed to build a new brewery, and thus our current location was born.

In 1993 before we opened, cofounder Kevin Bartol and I wrote down a simple mission statement: brew and sell the best beer in Texas and create an institution Houston and Texas are proud of. That was our mission then, and that is our mission today. Brew great beer and build community.

Saturday, June 7

Saint Arnold 20th Anniversary Party
5:00 - 10:30 PM

$65 plus tax

Live Music from:
Hayes Carll
The Suffers
The Niceguys
Sideshow Tramps

Hosted by:
DJ Dave Wrangler

Special Appearances from:
Franklin Mint & Heavy Barrel Soundsystem

Your tickets includes:
 -  One token for 20th Anniversary Barleywine Ale
 -  One token for selection from regular beer lineup
 -  Full Dinner from Goode Company BBQ
 -  Special Souvenir 20th Anniversary Glass

This event is strictly 21 and up.
Additional beers will be available for purchase.
Please bring cash if possible.

Sunday, June 8

Special Saint Arnold Rare Cellar Tasting
2:00 - 4:00 PM

$60 plus tax

This event will operate as our very own Saint Arnold beer festival. Guests will receive a tasting glass and a punch card upon arrival and will be free to move through our Tour Hall and Investor’s Pub to visit each beer station and Houston Dairymaids cheese tasting table.

Food will be available for purchase from our kitchen.

Featured Beers:
 -  20th Anniversary Barleywine Ale
 -  Divine Reserve No. 13 aged in Bourbon Barrels
 -  Pumpkinator aged in Bourbon Barrels
 -  Bière de Saison aged in
        Bishop’s Barrel No. 2 Barrels with Brettanomyces
 -  Weizenbock aged in Old New Orleans Rum Barrels
 -  Divine Reserve No. 5, 6, 7, 8 (choice of two)
 -  Boiler Room Berliner Weisse Tasting Table
        with Traditional Syrup Selections
 -  Divine Reserve No. 13
 -  Divine Reserve No. 14
 -  Divine Reserve No. 14 (Cask Conditioned)
 -  Bishop’s Barrel No. 2
 -  Bishop’s Barrel No. 2 Brett
 -  Two selections from our regular beer lineup

Your ticket includes:
 -  2.5 oz samples of each beer
 -  Houston Dairymaids Cheese Tasting Table
 -  Special Souvenir 20th Anniversary Tasting Glass

This event is strictly 21 and up.