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Our beer and food menu is offered Monday through Friday. Saturdays feature a smaller, but equally tasty food menu (selections will vary each week).


Saint Arnold Daily Lunch Special

Served from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, our Daily Lunch Special includes two courses and beer. | 23

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We like these paired with a beer flight.

The Greenbelt

Tomato Skewer
SA Chips & Hummus
Cheese Curd
Castelvetrano Olives
Dried Figs
Cucumber | Carrot


House Cured Meat & Cheese

5 O’Clock Pils Ham
Santo Corned Beef
(3) Houston Dairymaids Cheese Selections
House Pickles
Ale Wagger Mustard


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Add grilled or crispy chicken. | 3

Classic Caesar Salad

Suggested Beer Pairing: 5 O'Clock Pils

Fresh Caesar dressing. Parmesan cheese. Baguette croutons. Boom. | 10

The Big Greek Salad

Suggested Beer Pairing: Fancy Lawnmower

Chopped romaine with heirloom tomato, kalamata olives, red onion, pepperoncini, feta cheese, dolmas, pita croutons and lemon oregano vinaigrette. | 10

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Served with your choice of hand cut frites or side salad.

Crawfish Roll

Suggested Beer Pairing: Weedwacker

The original sandwich that set the culinary world on fire! Crawfish salad served on the butteriest of challah rolls. “It’s like a lobster roll... but with crawfish!” – You, 2017 | 13

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Suggested Beer Pairing: Pub Crawl Pale Ale

Oooh yeeeah!! Crispy fried chicken breast with our house pickles and coleslaw on a toasted sourdough bun. | 12

🔥 Add Fancy Lawnmower sriracha sauce and blue cheese crumbles for that fire emoji. | 2

Würst öf Dër Wëëk

Jerk Pork Würst with Jicama Slaw and Pineapple Crema on a French Roll

 Ach du Lieber!! Every week we’ll be bringing you the finest sausage made right here in the friendly confines of our Saint Arnold kitchen. | 12

Amber Ale Bratwurst

Suggested Beer Pairing: Amber Ale

Housemade bratwurst on a Slow Dough pretzel roll with sauerkraut and our own Ale Wagger mustard. | 10

Bishop’s Burger

Suggested Beer Pairing: Art Car IPA

1/2 lb Black Angus beef or 1/4 lb veggie patty with arugula, tomato, red onion and our house pickles on a sourdough bun. | 13

Get Crafy

Make anything a fully custom masterpiece with these add-ons.

Cheddar, Swiss, provolone, blue cheese, or Santo queso | 1
Bacon, roasted mushrooms, or grilled onions | 1
Housemade pickled jalapeños | 1
Fried egg | 2

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Santo Queso & Pretzels

Suggested Beer Pairing: Santo

Made following the strict Texas queso guidelines set forth by Sam Houston, Logan Vandeveer and Benjamin Milam shortly after the victory at San Jacinto, served with two hot fire pretzels, just as they enjoyed on that historic day. | 9

Metz Nutz

Suggested Beer Pairing: Pub Crawl Pale Ale

Expertly roasted and seasoned, these are a perfect snacky treat. Almonds, walnuts, pecans and peanuts... together once again. | 6

Chicken Wings

Suggested Beer Pairing: Art Car IPA

Six crispy chicken wings tossed in your choice of Fancy Lawnmower sriracha sauce or Ale Wagger BBQ sauce and served with ranch. | 8

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Hand Cut Frites

The Best French Fries in Houston™
Our hand cut frites are lovingly prepared in house.


With roasted garlic aioli or ketchup | 6


Truffle oil and Parmesan cheese | 8


Santo queso and jalapeños | 8

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Fancy Lawnmower sriracha and blue cheese crumbles | 8

Super Frite Sampler

Can’t decide? We got you. Have all four tasty variations. | 13

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Treat Yo Self

Bistro Filet & Frites

Suggested Beer Pairing: Elissa IPA

Super tender bistro filet served with steak butter and our hand cut and lovingly prepared frites. | 15

Blue cheese and grilled onions | 2
Fried egg | 2

Saint Arnold Root Beer Float

Three scoops of Fat Cat Creamery Mexican vanilla ice cream topped with our own super tasty Root Beer. Extra straws and spoons free of charge. | 5