Our Non-Alcoholic Lineup

Root Beer

Non-Alcoholic, Gluten Free

Big, sweet, flavorful and old-fashioned!

Saint Arnold Root Beer is made with Imperial Cane Sugar (absolutely no high fructose corn syrup) and lots of yummy (but secret) flavorings. The cane sugar gives it a sweetness and mouthfeel that cannot be achieved through corn syrup. The flavors explode in your mouth. The only way to improve on our Root Beer is to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Calories: 140 (per 12 fl oz)
Sugars: 36 g


Water, Sugar, Root Beer Extract, Sparkling Foam, Sodium Benzoate, Phosporic Acid

History and Trivia

We noticed that we had a lot of families attending our tours with their children. As giving the kids beer, while legal in the state of Texas as long as they were with their parents, was frowned upon, we decided we needed an alternative. Root beer seemed like a fun idea.

And so the research began. Making root beer is much more of an immediate gratification process compared to beer. You heat up some water to dissolve the sugar, then you cool it down and add the root extracts. Most of the extracts are from real plants, but some, such as sassafrass, have pesky carcinogens in them and thus we opted to replace those with artificial flavors. We developed a good root beer base, but we wanted a great root beer so we started playing around with small amounts of other natural flavors. We finally found one that worked great and went with that. We could tell you what it is, but then we'd have to kill you. If we did tell you, you would immediately recognize it. Nobody has come up with it though without being prompted.

We use all cane sugar in our root beer which is stupidly expensive because of government controls on sugar pricing and imports. It creates a great mouthfeel to the root beer though and gives a much fuller sweetness than the thin sweet taste one gets with high fructose corn syrup.

We actually make no money on our root beer. We make it for fun and put no effort into selling it. Sales continue to climb on it even without our trying though. Oh well.

Strange fact: drinking root beer gives you very refreshing burps. It's the wintergreen.


Ginger Beer

Non-Alcoholic, Gluten Free

Bold and zesty, our Ginger Beer is slightly spicy with a nice balance of sweetness from lemon. It’s perfect for mixing or sipping.

Calories: 110 (per 12 fl oz)
Sugars: 27 g

Looking for some fun cocktail recipes?

Watch our More Than a Mule Video Series


Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Caramel Color

History and Trivia

Debuted June 2022.

We couldn't help ourselves.

As we thought about developing a new non-alcoholic offering, our minds kept wandering towards some of our favorite cocktails. Dark and Stormys, Pimm's Cups, Kentucky Mules, Moscow Mules. All the mules really. It was clear.

We wanted a Ginger Beer.

Our development focused largely on balancing the right amount of spice and sweetness. After several iterations, we landed in a spot we love - bold and zesty, slightly spicy with a nice balance of sweetness. With our recipe settled, we moved to the final step. We made ourselves a mule.

With all this cocktail talk, it's worth repeating our Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic. You can mix it, you can sip it. Your kids can enjoy it too - it's great by itself or in a Shirley Temple!


Hop Spring

Non-Alcoholic, Gluten Free

An alcohol free hoppy sparkling water with zero calories. Citra and Amarillo hops lend floral aromas, along with notes of grapefruit and fresh orange zest. Bright, zesty carbonation highlights the citrus notes and complements a soft hop profile that’s never bitter.

Calories: 0
Carbs: 0 g
Sugars: 0 g


Carbonated Water, Hops, Phosphoric Acid

History and Trivia

Originally debuted at our Beer Garden & Restaurant as Hop2O July 2018.

Debuted as Hop Spring January 2023.