Our Imperial Coffee Porter is back, and this year there’s a Bourbon Barrel version too.

French Press

It’s French Press season! French Press is our Imperial Coffee Porter, which made its debut around this time last year. For the coffee, we reunited with our local friends at Java Pura Coffee Roasters. The Espresso blend we use in this brew is the same one we used in our previous coffee beers: Icon Blue – Coffee Porter and Bishop’s Barrel No. 14.

This beer has a bold chocolate and coffee flavor and aroma with a balanced roast bitterness and mild sweetness. It finishes with a nice balance of coffee and a slight chocolaty sweetness that doesn’t build and keeps you coming back for another sip.

French Press is available in six packs of 12 oz cans at grocery and liquor stores. It will also be available on tap at bars and restaurants across town. See our Houston Area Events page for a list of events.

French Press

But wait – there’s more! Earlier this year, we put some French Press in Woodford Reserve and Old Forester bourbon barrels to age. Now you get to taste it. Yes, Bourbon Barrel French Press is available this year in 12 oz bottles. For this edition, we used Java Pura Amaro Gayo Coffee from Ethopia.

It’s perfect for a camping trip in the great outdoors. Or, you know, a weekend brunch in the comfort of your own home. Cheers!