Our newest year round beer is Our Ideal Lager for Our Ideal City.

H-Town Pils

Space City. Clutch City. Screwston. Our hometown has many names. When we set out to brew Our Ideal Lager for Our Ideal City, we knew only one would do:

H-Town Pils.

For the newest addition to our year round lineup, we wanted to develop a beer focused on our deep connection with and appreciation for the Houston community. H-Town Pils represents the evolution of lager and pilsner brewing at Saint Arnold and is a beer that represents the character of Houston – balanced, complex, and welcoming.

H-Town Pils is a classic Bohemian-style pilsner. This beer exemplifies what we as brewers look for in one of our favorite styles: malt and hop flavor working together in harmony and creating balance from beginning to end. At 5.2% ABV and 29 IBU, it really is Our Ideal Lager for Our Ideal City.

Starting today, H-Town Pils is available year round in six packs around the Houston area. You can also enjoy it on draft at our Beer Garden & Restaurant.